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1013. Imperial Airship
by James Ng

Designed to be the Empress's airship, it is big enough to block out the sun as it approaches a village. Generating mass air pollution in its path, the airship demonstrates the awesome power of the Imperial family.

James Ng, the artist, wanted to create something really iconic by combining the Forbidden City, a golden dragon, and a flying ship. Imperial Airship is the first image in his Imperial Steamworks series, and was created April 2008 using pencil, charcoal, ink, Photoshop, and Corel Painter.

He comments that his Imperial Steamworks series "... is a personal project where I try to merge Imperial Chinese designs and history with western steam works, the English Industrial Revolution and fantasy."

James says his creation process involves a lot of research and reference collecting, not only about Chinese history, but also the Industrial Revolution and the physics of a steam engine. With more understanding comes more realism.

Awards and honors for Imperial Airship:
Winning Image of the Warren Rogers Awards, New York 2009
Exhibited in Society of Illustrator New York 2009
Exhibited in Primo Piano Gallery Italy 2009
Published in Expose 7 (Digital Art Annual by Ballistic Publishing)
Semi-Finalist Image in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2008
Featured in ImagineFX magazine Issue 34
Featured in DPI magazine Volume 121
Featured in DPI Design Star Special Issue 8
Headlining image for Nova Albion Exhibition Santa Clara, California 2010
Published in Dark Beauty Magazine Issue 5
Awarded Vcon 35 Best Body of Work
Exhibited in Steamcon II Seattle
Showcased in WowMagz Issue 12

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