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1090. Myke Amend

Myke Amend is a weaver of strange worlds in which darkness and the macabre, fantasy, speculative fiction, emotion, and even politics blend seamlessly into fantastic, surreal, horrific, yet serene and wondrous worlds of tranquil chaos.

With many works done for Abney Park, Vernian Process, Steampunk Tales, Gatehouse Gazette, and others, his work is well-known and easily recognized within the community, especially the works from his "Airships and Tentacles" series, wherein Lovecraft and Jules Verne intermingle into an odd new world explored by various Davinci-styled airships and Vernian seacraft.

Influenced greatly by Gustave Dore, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Gerald Brom, Derek Riggs, Pieter Brughel, and others, one thing commonly noted about Myke's artistic style is his attention to detail, and the details within details, bordering on "neurotic".

Myke's current obsession is often anything he has an opportunity or a moment to work on, painting in oils, acrylics, and tempera, on wood, canvas, metal, or hardboard, drypoint engravings on clayboard or copper, etching, sculpture, woodworking, and carpentry. He is always hoping to work towards bigger and more extraordinary things, and especially anything not yet tried.

His goal in his art work is to create calm, beautiful, and sometimes depressing scenes, atop an undercurrent of confusion, rage, terror, fascination, love, wonder, and even jest, all based upon a seemingly random combination of obvious themes, and obscured meanings, for others to interpret, or project, as they will.

Myke seeks to not only present a scene, but to place the viewer within the scene, hence landscapes tend to be an integral part of each work.

No matter the concept, or the underlying meaning, Myke presents a great amount of activity, drama, and even chaos, in the most tranquil and serene settings and he aims for each piece to present something new to each viewer with each and every day.

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