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1396. Jake Von Slatt

Jake Von Slatt is one of the first, and most well known, Makers in the steampunk community, sharing his project how-to information with the community as he creates new objects, both functional and decorative.

Outside of his regular IT job, Jake has inspired people with his creativity and construction lessons. Among the most cited items are his All-in-One PC, keyboards, and bus conversion. Other projects include lamps, light switcheplates, and decorative tins.

He commented in an interview with Wired magazine, June 29, 2007,:
"The Victorian era was really the last era in which a high school graduate was given the complete set of scientific concepts to fully understand the technology of the age," von Slatt says. "Because of this, part of what I wanted to do was to co-opt the term 'steampunk' and imbue it with this DIY component. DIY wasn't part of the definition of steampunk, but I wanted it to be."

With this idea, and his Steampunk Workshop website, Jake helped steampunk grow beyond literature into one of the first physical expressions thereof. He gave the mental imagery from the stories a tangible presence to the mostly positive feedback of the burgeoning community.

In recent years, while continuing to create and document his newest projects, Jake has also been a guest and panelist at several conventions.

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