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2038. Robert Brown

a.k.a Captain Robert

"Captain" Robert Brown is a Steampunk songwriter, novelist, community organizer, blogger, game designer, craftsman, and fashion designer. He's been interviewed by several TV shows and Magazines, like MTV, and the New York Times.

He is the founding member of Abney Park. In addition to writing all of Abney Park's songs, he also creates an unending supply of Steampunk instruments for the band, from Guitars, to Keyboards, to "hornpipes".

Robert is an avid blogger and is an outspoken inclusionist for Steampunk culture, fighting for the right for anyone's daydream in the community. He regularly posts articles on Steampunk, including definitive pieces designed to direct the culture in positive and friendly directions, as well as videos posts of "how-to's" on Steampunk mods and fashion.

He has released an Airship Pirate RPG, and written a novel, "The Wrath of Fate", both of which tie together all the stories, characters, and settings from all of the songs of Abney Park.

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