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Ashley Rogers

a.k.a Lucretia Dearfour

Ashley Rogers, or commonly known in the Steampunk community as Lucretia Dearfour, is a transgender activist, writer, and internet personality. Ashley earned a Bachelor's of English Literature and Theatre at Fitchburg State College, was invited to the two week summer playwriting intensive at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, has directed multiple plays, written plays that have been performed in New York City, Multiple locations in Massachusetts,USA, and as far as Wisconsin, USA. Ashley is also an open-mic stand up comedian. Currently Ashley is a hairstylist at The Hair Cuttery in Waltham, Massachusetts(The original Steampunk City).

Ashley started performing as Lucretia Dearfour in 2005 as a part of The Penny Dreadfuls, a New England Steampunk performance troupe whose focus was primarily on conventions and panel-based performances. Later she became founding member of The Wandering Legion, stepping up the convention based performance art with improvisational comedy skits and pre-scripted puppet shows, and as the writer/producer of the Dogtoon media Webseries "The Wandering Legion." Most recently, she is the founder/organizer of The Copper Claw, a performance troupe who focuses more on vaudvillian/neo-brechtian humour and skitshows, as well as political and social awareness.

Ashley has written articles about Steampunk and Gender nonconformity for Beyond Victoriana and Steampunk Magazine Online, and has appeared as on camera talent for Nerd Caliber and Dogtoon Media. She has also been featured in the Frenchy and The Punk music video for "House of Cards," as well as on TLC's "Young, Broke and Beautiful."

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