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2333. The Gospel According to Verdu

By Emilie P. Bush

Published May 4, 2011 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The Gospel According to Verdu is

Book Description:
After you find your savior, you may have to save yourself. When Verdu sacrificed his freedom to help Chenda and the rest of her companions escape from Tugrulia, he hoped to join the Tugrulian resistance movement. But then he hit rock bottom. Captive, injured, and depressed, he saw no way to help the resistance, let alone himself, until he found he was closer to real power than he could have dreamed. The question becomes, how far is he willing to go to get it? And meanwhile, what will his friends do to get him back? The crew of the Brofman abandon the safe skies and find all kinds of trouble on their journey to reclaim what they lost.

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