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2535. The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket - Victoria

By Henry Walton

Published March 29, 2015 by Calumet Editions

Book cover description:
The hilarious misadventures of the Shockpocket family continue in the second book of The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket series. When the English Royal Society of Scientific Research and Global Exploration announces a new award to honor breakthroughs in science, turn-of-the-century inventor and world explorer Thaddeaus Shockpocket sets out to win the Victoria Medal by proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

What starts out as a simple task (after all, Thaddeaus and his twelve-year-old daughter Tweak spotted Nessie just one year prior when the serpent sank their seaplane) turns into a calamitous chain of events involving monsters, family mysteries, shady characters and more of Thaddeaus' unique inventions including a misfiring Chemo electric Plasma elephant Stun Gun. So, put on a pot of tea, open a tin of biscuits, and begin reading. Just be careful not to snort any tea out your nose as you laugh at the latest misadventures of Thaddeaus Shockpocket.

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