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1847. Felix J. Palma

Felix J. Palma is an author, known for his Victorian Trilogy, including The Map of Time, The Map of the Sky, and The Map of Chaos.

Felix has been lauded as one of the most brilliant and original writers of today, cited as having "the ability to insert the fantastic in the everyday".

His other books include:
El Vigilante de la Salamandra (The Lizard's Keeper)
Metodos de Supervivencia (Methods of Survival)
Las Interioridades (Interiors)
Los Aracnidos (The Arachnid)
El Menor Espectaculo del Mundo (The World's Smallest Show)
La Hormiga que Quiso ser Astronauta (The Ant that Wanted to Become an Astronaut)
Las Corrientes Oceanicas (The Ocean Currents)

Felix's work has won several awards:
Los Aracnidos - Cadiz Latin American Story Award
Las Corrientes Oceanicas - 2005 Luis Berenguer Award for Novel
El Mapa del Tiempo - Ateneo de Sevilla XL Prize (2008)

Photograph by M. J. Bausa

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