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2515. Ediciones Nevsky

Nevsky Prospects, S.L. was established in Madrid (Spain) in 2009, as a multilingual project of translation, publishing and cultural exchange between Spain, Russia and the UK. Since then, their small press, Ediciones Nevsky, has been recognised as one of the most innovative and personal publishing ventures in the country, rising in prestige while remaining faithful to our personal vision.

Design is an important aspect of their books. They support young Spanish graphic designers and illustrators by commissioning innovative work that aims to create books that are visually beautiful. The specially commissioned covers are frequently featured in the roundups of the year's best.

Their editorial team has contributed articles on topics such as Russian contemporary literature, English modern classics or Spanish fantasy to such venues as The Times Literary Supplement, Revista de Letras, or the Penguin Classics Blog. They have taught classes, given talks and readings at venues such as Taller de los Libros, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Saint Louis University in Madrid, Oxford University, Universidad del Pais Vasco en Vitoria, Pushkin House Translation Seminar in London, Instituto Pushkin Madrid, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, or King's College London. They have contributed translations, introductions and prologues to the main independent and small presses in Spain, as well as to Hesperus Press, Glagoslav or Penguin Random House in the UK and Spain.

Ediciones Nevsky began in the Spanish publishing world by specialising in Russian literature, eventually becoming its major point of reference in Spain.

The fantastic, the weird and speculative fiction in general are an important part of our personal aesthetic. Our publishing model has helped this type of publication regain some prestige in Spain, as our genre books, presented alongside mainstream classics, are frequently reviewed in major media outlets (print national newspapers and state television).

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