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2495. Marian Womack

Marian Womack is an author, editor, publisher, and translator.

She is a bilingual writer born in Andalusia and educated at the universities of Glasgow and Oxford. She is completing a part-time Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Cambridge University, and recently graduated from the Clarion Fantasy and Science-Fiction Writer's Workshop at USCD.

Marian is co-editor of the academic book Beyond the Back Room: New Perspectives on Carmen Martin Gaite (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010), and of The Best of Spanish Steampunk (Ediciones Nevsky, 2015).

In Spanish she has published the cycle of intertwined tales Memoria de la Nieve (Zaragoza: Tropo, 2011), has co-authored the Steampunk YA novel Calle Andersen (Barcelona: La Galera, 2014), and has contributed to more than fifteen anthologies of short fiction, the most recent Alucinadas (Gijon: Palabaristas, 2014), the first Spanish language all-female SF anthology.

Her journalism and critical writing on Spanish literature, culture and society have appeared on a variety of English speaking academic journals, as well as the Times Literary Supplement, the New Internationalist, and the digital version of El Pais. She has fiction forthcoming in English in Weird Fiction Review. Chosen by literary magazine Leer in its 30th anniversary as one of the thirty most influential people in their thirties in Spain's book sector, she is also a prolific translator, and runs a small press in Madrid, Ediciones Nevsky.

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