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2432. Steampunk Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at the University of Oxford, UK

Between 13 October 2009 and 21 February 2010, the Museum held the world's first exhibition of Steampunk art. This extraordinarily successful exhibition showcased the work of 18 Steampunk artists from across the globe, and drew over 70,000 visitors to the Museum in the four months that it was on, and was enormously popular.

Tom Banwell - U.S.
James Richardson Brown - U.K.
Datamancer - U.S.
Jos De Vink - Netherlands
Herr Doktor - U.K.
Art Donovan - U.S.
Eric Freitas - U.S.
Doctor Grymm - U.S.
Stephane Halleux - Belgium
Vianney Halter - Switzerland
Kris Kuksi - U.S.
Mad Uncle Cliff - Australia
Jesse Newhouse - U.S.
Molly Porkshanks Friedrich - U.S.
Daniel Proulx - Canada
Amanda Scrivener - U.K.
Haruo Suekichi - Japan
Thomas D. Willeford - U.S.

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