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1173. Siddhartha Pod Steampunk Lantern
by Art Donovan

The Siddhartha Pod Steampunk Lantern was created by Art Donovan in 2007. It is entirely hand made in carved solid mahogany and solid brass, and hangs at 52" tall x 30" wide. The artist's signature is engraved at the top, along with the date of creation.

The lantern is enhanced with hand painted gold leaf scroll work and has a hand engraved face on the moon phase clock near the base.

This was Art Donovan's first Steampunk work and was featured in the Steampunk Exhibition at the University of Oxford's Museum of the History of Science in 2009.

Art says of his work,
"Without a doubt, the most labor-intensive lamp I've ever created. Personally, I see it in the home of a evil mastermind - something about the curlicue wood at the top reminds me of a mustache twirled by such a dastardly fellow. It's rare when I post more than a single view of any design, but this lamp warrants a closer inspection of it's many details."

The Siddhartha Pod Steampunk Lantern was valued at $27,000 in 2014.

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