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1186. Shiva Mandala
by Art Donovan

Shiva Mandala, The Illuminated Astrolabe was created by Art Donovan in 2009. This Mandala alludes to the Steampunk philosophy of the re-imagined past- simultaneously ancient and modern in it's design and configuration.

Art's complex steampunk work has the influences of Hinduism, Freemasonry and ancient astronomy.

At 72" tall x 72" wide, it is made from solid mahogany, solid brass, glass, spun-filament fiberglass, plaster, LED + ncandescent bulbs, acrylic resin, ultra violet tubes and electric motors.

At the top is a custom designed and hand painted 24 hour clock with Masonic symbology. The Past Master's 'Square and Quadrant' is the actual swinging pendulum for the 24 hour clock and features a holographic "All Seeing Eye" in the center.

The right side planet on the Shiva Mandala is a plasma disk held in mahogany frame with brass details.

The lower planet on this piece is a craniometer with a full-sized plaster skull, supported in a handmade mahogany gimbal with brass rods.

On the left side, the bronze Shiva Mandala silently and slowly rotates @1 rpm. Mahogany, brass, glass with Arabic calligraphy engraved in dome.

The Center is hand painted and duplicated from an ancient astrolabe created in 1291 by Muhammad Ali Bakr, the great Persian scientist. Ancient Persian text is inscribed in gold and the Rete is hand cut polycarbonate (translucent).

Shiva Mandala was featured at the historic Oxford Museum Steampunk exhibition.

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