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2433. Steampunk Art Unfurled: Art of Victorian Futurism

Opening March 8, 2014 and running through May 18, 2014, the first steampunk exhibition was on display at the Hangaram Design Museum at the Seoul Art Center IDA in Seoul, South Korea. The exhibition was curated and supervised by artist and lighting designer Art Donovan.

More than 250 works of art were on display and came from thirty steampunk-influenced artists from France, the Netherlands, China, Greece, Italy, Japan, Australia and the United States.

The exhibition included photography, painting, graphic design, fashion, jewelry, and sculpture.

The four themed areas of the exhibition included history, fine art, design & craft, and film and animation.

The participating artists included:
Tom Banwell
John Coulthart
Jos De Vink
Art Donovan
Kim Hak-jin
Stephane Halleux
Kimberly Hart
Martin Horspool
Song Hye-myeong
Han Jin-su
Park Jong-deok
Kris Kuksi
James Ng
Sam Van Olffen
Pulsar Project
Yasuhito Udagawa (AKA Shovelhead)
Thomas Willeford

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