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2074. Jose Francisco Alfaya

Jose Francisco Alfaya was born in 1978 in Vigo (Spain) and lives in Madrid at present. With a professional background in Sales and Marketing, he has proven experience in SME internationalization (Subject Matter Expert)(B2B) and Managerial Positions. He has travelled through Africa, Asia and Europe.

Close to different underground scenes since the mid 1990s, Jose Francisco is an active member of both national and international steampunk scenes since 2010. As Managing Partner and founder, he is responsible for the conceptual and strategic development of Decimononic, a creative project in the field of artisan jewelry inspired by steampunk established in 2010. In this context, he spreads the steampunk genre as a blogger and featured writer.

Jose Francisco's main interests are music, literature, photography and technology. Also, he is fascinated by the dark side of the Victorian era, Far East Cultures, wuxia genre, and Dieselpunk with noir flavour.

Photo by Marco Fernandez.

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