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2312. Irene Lopez

Irene Lopez was born in Guadalajara (Spain) in 1979 and currently lives in Madrid. With an Environmental Sciences degree by a prestigious Spanish university and some experience as scholar including two research stays at University of California (USA), she has a promising career as civil servant.

Previously involved in some underground scenes, Irene has participated in the Steampunk community since 2010. She is one of the founders of Decimononic, a creative project in the field of artisan jewelry inspired by Steampunk; being Managing Partner, she is responsible for its creative and technical sides.

As a firm believer in the DIY philosophy, Irene has always been interested in several handicrafts. She has training as silversmith and gradually improves her skills as pupil of the Argentinian jeweler Alejandro Allocco at present.

Besides metalsmithing, her main areas of interest are gastronomy, literature, music, photography and modern history. Irene is charmed by Dieselpunk and is always keen to learn about the Spanish civil war and World War II.

Photo by Marco Fernandez.

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