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2077. Decimononic

Decimononic designs and manufactures unique creations, mainly handcrafted fine jewelry and accessories inspired by Steampunk, biomechanics, Art Nouveau, ancient civilizations, 19th century, industrial culture - making the old new and the new old.

Promoted by Irene Lopez and Jose Francisco Alfaya, Decimononic was created in 2010 as a creative project. Its members believe in the beauty of craftwork, the power of experimentation and the value of singularity. From their headquarters in Madrid, Spain, the Decimononic crew are active members of the national and international Steampunk scenes, always willing to collaborate with other artists. Further, they spread the steampunk genre as bloggers and featured writers.

In this quest aimed to pioneer singularity, Decimononic has developed a comprehensive aesthetic proposal based on exhaustive research and a mission of empowerment. The concept of steampunk jewelry is one of its main fields of interest and for this reason the brief interview series 'Steampunk jewelry tonight with...' has been underway since January 2012.

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