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2591. Dead Magic (The Ingenious Mechanical Devices Book 4)

By Kara Jorgensen

Published November 1, 2016 by Fox Collie Publishing

Dead Magic is the fourth book of Kara Jorgensen's Ingenious Mechanical Devices series

Book cover description:
Immanuel wants nothing more than a peaceful life as a scientist, but his happiness is short-lived when his past demons refuse to go quietly.

As body-snatching spirits attack and creatures rise from the dead, he fears his sanity is slipping. Burdened with strange new powers, he struggles to hide them from his lover for fear of losing the only person he trusts. But the woman who shares his soul has a secret of her own. Disillusioned with her life, Emmeline turns to a handsome suitor who offers her a world of limitless possibilities at an exclusive club.

Rumors swirl of occult rituals and magic, and Emmeline soon fears he wants more than just her love. Something wicked is heading for London that threatens to destroy everything Emmeline and Immanuel hold dear. And it wants more than secrets.

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